Power Tiller

Power Tiller


Main Dispositions
(1) "CHANGCHAI" Brand 15HP Indian Emission Standard engine Model HZS1105N
(2) 600mm double speed rotavator with 20 pieces of tilling blades
(3) With flywheel & V-belt cover
(4) With silence guard
(5) With tail sledge
(6) Start by hand crank.


# Model DF-15 DLG
1 Type Single axle, dual-purpose for both traction and drive
2 Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm) 2995×960×1306 (with rubber tyre in use, including rototiller)
3 Wheel track (mm) 800 (normally use), and 740, 640 (for the basic model with rubber tyre only)
4 Minimum ground clearance (mm) 185 (for the basic model, from ground to the bottom of final transmission housing)
5 Minimum turning radius (mm) 1200
6 Construction mass (with rototiller, kg) 477
7 Mass in service (kg) 575 (with a rototiller of 600 mm tilling width fitted, including the driver )
8 Rated traction force (kN) 2.3
9 Calculated speed of every gear (km/hr, with rubber wheels in use) a. Forward 1.5, 2.8; 4.5, 5.8, 10.4, 16.8
b. Reverse 1.1, 4.2
10 Ballast for drive wheels (kg) 50 or 100 (optional)

Engine (diesel)

a Type Single cylinder, horizontal type, water cooling, double ball bearing four stroke, direct injection, India Emission Standard.
b Model HZS1105N
c Bore×stroke 105×120
d Rated speed (r/min) 2,000
e Rated output (HP-12hr) 14.75
f Specific fuel consumption (g/kW.h) <251
g Starting method Hand cranking
h Construction mass (kg) 160

Drive system

a Power from engine to clutch By 3 pieces of B type V-belts
b Clutch type Dry type, double friction disc, constant contact
c Main gearbox Spur gear and sliding gear in constant mesh, combination type of (3+1)×2
d Steering gear Dog clutch
e Brake Wet type, inner expanding ring
f Final transmission Two-step reduction by spur gears


a Drive wheel rubber type 6.00-12, 6-ply, herringbone pattern, tyre pressure 137-196 kPa
b Anti-skid steel wheels Herringbone pattern, Ø740×B200 mm (optional)
c Field working tail wheel (iron) Ø 400 (mm) for paddy field, or Ø 340 (mm) for dry land (optional)
d Tail wheel (rubber) 4.00-8, tyre pressure 137-247 kPa

Towing device

a Clearance from ground to adapter frame (mm) 389 (when rubber wheels in use)
b Dia. of hitch pin (mm) Ø 20 (middle one), Ø 16 (side ones)
c Opening size of adapter frame (mm) 95+20

Electric installations

a Circuit system Single phase, negative earth
b Generator Permanent-magnet A.C. generator 12V/90W
c Adjuster KBPC2510
d Headlamp 12V 28/28W
e Switch (dual action) JK107


a Model DF121B-60
b Type Direct connection to main gearbox and with side chain drive case
c Safety protection Inter-lock system is adopted for preventing the rototiller from being engaged when reverse gear is to be shifted into.
d Tilling speed disposition Double tilling speeds by gear shifting (and another 2 speeds by interchanging the upper and lower sprockets)
e Tilling rotor speed (r/m) 207 (282)/340 (462), the speeds indicated in brackets are realized by interchanging the upper and lower sprockets in chain drive case
f Rotating direction of tilling rotor Clockwise
g Working radius of tilling rotor (mm) 225
h Tilling depth (mm) 100-160
i Tilling blades 20 pcs. (with single fixing hole)
j Recommended forwarding speed of tilling set (km/h) 1.2-4.5 (Gear I to III)

Fillings of oil and water

a Water tank of engine 15 kg of Clean soft water
b Fuel tank of engine 10 kg of No. 0# light diesel for summer use and No. -10# light diesel for winter use
c Oil sump of engine 2.5 kg of SAE 40 lube oil for summer use and SAE 30 lube oil for winter use
d Main gearbox 5.1 kg of SAE 90 lube oil for summer use and SAE 70 lube oil for winter use
e Tilling rotor transmission box 0.6 kg of SAE 90 lube oil for summer use and SAE 70 lube oil for winter use