George Maijo

Agri Implements

Wide Range of Machinery & Implements for Agriculture Farmer's Support

Combine Harvester, Power Tiller, Rice Replanter (Walk behind & Ride on), Straw Baler, Power Weeder, Laser Leveller, Engine oil, Gear Oil, Seed cum Fertilizer Drill, Power Sprayer, Hand Sprayer, Reaper Binder, Earth Auger, Lawn Mower, Brush Cutter

Hand Sprayer

Hand Sprayer NS16/3.4 kg/39x18.5x57cm/air chamber-0.90L/pressure-1.0Mpa/Hose-120cm long

Knapsack Power Sprayer

Knapsack-Power Sprayer TF-708 / Water Tank-20L / Fuel-1.1 / Work pressure-40328 kgf/cm2 / Engine Type-TU26/IF34F / Weight- 10kgms / Dimensions [cm]- 44x35x70.

Earth Augur

Earth Auger / SZ44-5 / Engine-IE44F-5 air cooled, 2 stroke, single cylinder gasoline / Drill dia- mm- 60,80,100,150, Fuel tank- 0.9L/Weight- 10.5 kgms

Lawn Mower

Lawn mover / SY-001/Engine- IE44F-6 air cooled 2 stroke single cylinder gasoline / Driving- Cylindrical worm gear / Drilling rate- 170-200 rpm / Drill dia- mm- 80,100,150,200,250,300, Fuel Tank- 850 ml gasoline / Starting method- Recoil and hand operated / Rated power-1.9 kw/700r/min

Brush Cutter